Who Are We?

Thank you for taking the time to visit us here.  We are a family owned business located in northeastern Washington State.

We proudly serve clients in Washington state, northern Idaho and western Montana. 

We dedicate ourselves to the principles of quality and one-on-one service.  We use only high quality materials (no particle board), hardware and finishes.

We like to work closely with our clients to ensure that their project will be realized to the fullest potential, within their budget.  Budgets are a very high priority to us.

When designing projects for clients, we like to visit the location where the piece/project will call home.  This enables us to make suggestions on the piece/project based on the clients location, not our location. It doesn't make sense to design a piece/project around our surrounds.

Feel free to call or email us to schedule a shop tour or schedule some sit down time where we can discuss your dreams.

Phone: 509-671-6230

Email: don@dlwoodworks.com