In addition to complete project design and construction services, we can also offer machining services to help you meet your needs.

If you have large amounts of wood that need to be surfaced to an exact thickness let us help you with the project.  We have wide board planing and sanding capabilities.  If you have a large slab that needs to be flattened, our CNC machine is a perfect tool for accomplishing that for you.  We also have plywood edgebanding capabilities.

With our CNC machine we can offer many types of carvings to enhance your projects.  Relief carvings, 3D carvings, text carvings are just a few enhancements we can offer.  Below is our catalog of 3D carvings.  These make for truly personalized projects.

We offer kitchen layout and design services. When you are remodeling your home and will be staying we use an aging-in-place strategy. It is important to think about design aspects that make it easier for you as you mature.  We use many design ideas that help facilitate this need.

For the more budget minded, we can take a more conservative approach to design and layout.

We can take a large project - like dining room set and break it into sub projects. We can provide an overall rough estimate and as your budget allows, we can start work on parts of the project. This makes it easier for you to be able to budget for the project you really want instead of having to "settle" for something.

This is an process that starts when a contract is signed for services from us and helps us to work with you to refine the design to closely match your ideas and budget.  Detailed design is part of each project.

Design documents are not released to the client unless a full contract is signed.

Design Services

CNC Carving

Machining Services



We offer FREE rough estimates.  This estimate is based on a high level understanding of what you are wanting to do.